Accessing Your Health Records


You have the right to see information the GP Practice holds about you. We encourage patients to sign up to online service Patient Access where you can also access your medical records on your smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet. 

If you've never been registered for online access, or you do not have access to your medical records part of the service, please come to our reception with your photo ID and proof of address. Our receptionists can issue you with access codes or update your access to include medical records.

You can view your results, allergies, vaccinations records, most important medical information and documents. If you require to see more (for example full records, or what doctor has written in the consultation), you need make a request in writing and give it to the receptionists.Your GP will review your records and will authorise the access for you.

Once your access is authorised, you will be able to view, share, download or forward your records. 

You can also request the print out of your records, or make an appointment to view your records.