Your Annual Health Check

Around one in four of us have two or more long-term medical conditions, but care is often focused on one condition at a time. This means you have to go to different appointments for each problem and perhaps have several blood tests. 

We are improving our service by inviting patients with some common medical conditions for a regular annual check. We aim to do a full health check so if you have more than one problem we will work to review all of your conditions and medications in one appointment, making it easier for you. 

We will be inviting you at around the same time each year, so you will know when to expect to see us. 

This check may be with the nurse or the doctor and can be on the phone or in person, depending on the medical conditions you have. Our team will help you book the right appointment. You will also be asked to have a blood test.

Please help us to help you. When you receive your invitation please make the appointment and have the blood test, so we can provide you with the best care possible.

If you need more time or a follow-up appointment, the nurse or doctor will tell you when to see us again. 

If you have any questions, please as a member of our team.