How to Make or Cancel an Appointment

Want advice from your doctor, information on self-help or have an administrative request? Our eConsult service allows you to get help before the end of the next working day. 

So we can provide a safe and responsive service during Covid 19, we offer appointments online, by telephone or via video call.  If a face-to-face appointment is needed you will still be seen in person by a GP.
Telephone appointments are not suitable for everyone and if you need a physical examination or blood test, for example, we will ask you to come in.
You can also choose a face-to-face appointment, as long as you aren't isolating and don't have covid symptoms.


The surgery operates a booked appointment system:

  • Non-urgent problem? You can make a routine appointment with a doctor up to 4 weeks in advance. These appointments are slightly longer than urgent appointments and you can arrange to see the GP who knows you best.
  • Urgent problem? You will be telephoned on the day by an on-call doctor or physcians associate for a shorter appointment to deal with your urgent issue only.

If the doctor needs to see you in person or you would prefer a face-to-face appointment, we will invite you to come in. Please help us by telephoning before coming to the practice. 

There are now 2 ways for you to book with your GP or nurse. You will get the same access to out team, no matter which you choose. 

  1. Submit an online consultation via eConsult
  2. Phone the practice and speak to our reception team

Use eConsult

It may not be necessary for you call us or attend for an appointment.  You can submit an e-consultation via our website or the NHS App Monday-Friday.  You can submit details about your condition or your administration request and you will receive a response from the practice by the end of the next working day and usually sooner. 

eConsult allows you to fill out a simple form so our team can review the information you provide and make sure the right person assists you as soon as possible. You can ask about common issues, general symptoms, request sick notes and ask for test results.

Depending on your request, we may respond online or may arrange a telephone or face-to-face consultation for you.

eConsult is safe and secure. Requests can only be submitted by the patient themselves or parents of children, so you’ll also be asked to confirm who you are before filling out the form. 

By Telephone

If you do not have access to the internet or prefer to speak to a member of our team, you can telephone us on 020 7738 7030. 

Our receptionist will confirm your details and ask you for some information about your problem to and decide on the best course of action, for rexample they may arrange a telephone or video or face-to-face consultation for you.

You can also make appointments to see our nurse or health care assistant up to 4 weeks in advance.

If you call for an appointment, in order for our reception staff to help you please:

  • Be prepared to give some details of your problem
  • Tell us if your condition may be infectious 
  • Have you phone nearby and the volume turned up ready to take the doctor's call
  • If we ask you to come to the practice, be on time for your appointment
  • Cancel unwanted appointments well in advance
  • Make a separate appointment for each person in your family who needs to speak to a doctor
  • Bring only 1 or 2 problems to each appointment so there is time to deal with each one properly
  • If you have an ongoing problem try and book with the same doctor again, even if you have to wait a little longer

Cancel An Appointment

Please call 020 7738 7030 to cancel an appointment.

If you have registered with Patient Access or the NHS App, you can also cancel appointments online.


GP Extended Access


In addition to pre-bookable evening appointments at Beckett House Practice, registered patients of Beckett House Practice can access extended opening times at specially selected GP Access Hubs in the borough.

Our GP Access Hubs offer appointments seven days a week at the following times:

  • 4–8pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am-5pm on Saturdays

To book an appointment, simply call us as usual. If you are unable to attend an appointment during our usual opening times, if you wish you can be referred to a GP Hub.