Private Vaccination Fees

We provide travel vaccines not available on the NHS as a private service. We stock most travel vaccinations. If a private prescription is needed, you will then be charged by the community pharmacy for the vaccine(s). You can compare prices charged between community pharmacies as these vary. Alternatively, you can visit a private travel health clinic to obtain these prescription only travel vaccines. Some community pharmacies also provide private travel health services. There will be a charge. It is important to consider the cost of travel vaccines when budgeting for your trip abroad.

Prices for bookings made from 6th Nov 2017.

Yellow Fever

  • £65 (including certificate)
  • 1 dose needed, usually provides lifelong protection for most people. Booster may be recommended every 10 years for some people who continue to be at risk.
  • £15 for replacement certificate 

Meningitis ACWY

  • £60 (including certificate)
  • 1 dose needed, lasts 5 years

Hepatitis B

  • £35 each dose (total £105 minimum)
  • 3 doses needed and then blood test to check response, and further boosters if necessary

Hepatitis A & B combined

  • £60 each dose (total £180)
  • 3 doses usually needed 


  • £10
  • Lasts 1 year