Sexual Health


Sexual Health London

Sexual Health London (SHL) is an online service that allows Lambeth residents (as well as residents of 27 participating London boroughs) aged 16 and above to test themselves for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the privacy of their own home and get results within four days.

The self-sampling kit consists of tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV. If clinically indicated, the test kit will also ask for samples to test for hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Testing Kits

You can order a testing kit online from the SHL website. You can also visit your local sexual health clinic and use one of the kiosks to order a testing kit. Kits will be given to you on the day.

The kits are small and discreet - the box is sent in a plain plastic bag with no identifying markings or logos – and has everything you need (including a freepost envelope) to provide SHL with samples that they will test in their lab.

You will receive your results via the method you chose when registering, for example, via text message. You may also track your specimen and view results by logging into your SHL account at any time.

Check-ups and Contraception

We offer sexual health check ups and contraception including the pill, the contraceptive patch and depo provera.

The following clinics also provide sexual health testing and the full range of contraception including implants and coils. Visit the websites for opening times.

Free Condoms

Young people aged 16-25 can register online for the Come Correct service, and collect condoms from participating pharmacies

The nearest pharmacy supplying free condoms to adults is:

Day Lewis Pharmacy Stockwell, 136-138 Stockwell Rd, London SW9 9HR

Phone: 020 7737 0846 or visit their website