Travel Vaccinations


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Please book travel vaccinations at least 8 weeks before travel


If you are travelling outside the UK, start preparing for your trip at least 8 weeks before you go.

You don't always need vaccinations to travel abroad. If you do, the type of travel jabs you need depends on which country you are visiting and what you will be doing. Some of the vaccinations need more than one dose and some do not become effective until weeks after the injection. 

Not all travel vaccinations are available free on the NHS. You can see our price list here

Antimalarial medication is not available on NHS prescription. Please go to your local pharmacy to buy this. 

In line with prescribing guidelines, we do not prescribe medicines for fear of flying or to assist with sleep during flights. Patients who still wish to take medicines for flight anxiety are advised to consult with a private GP.

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Complete Travel Questionnaire

To find out what vaccinations you need for your foreign travel, please complete our online travel form

Once we have received your form our nurse will review it. Please allow 2 working days. 

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Nurse Review

Our nurse will review your travel form and medical records. We will contact you to give you advice by telephone. If you need a vaccination we will arrange an appointment with the nurse.

If you need vaccinations not available on the NHS we will tell you what you need and how much there is to pay. 

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Travel Appointments

We offer a range of NHS and non-NHS vaccinations, including Yellow Fever. We will arrange another appointment if you need more than 1 dose of a vaccination.

We will tell you if you need a non-NHS vaccination. We do not charge for consultations. 

Our nurses will also give you advice about looking after your health while you travel. 

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